Coco the Parrot - A fresh, fine-quality coconut brand that sets the standard for top-class coconuts.

Each of our fresh coconuts are harvested from the world renowned Ratchaburi Province, an area in Thailand that is famous for its prized Nam Hom variety of coconuts. In the Thai language, “Nam” means “water” and “Hom” means “fragrant”. As the name suggests, “Nam Hom” coconuts are full of juice that is exceptionally fragrant, while the coconut flesh is refreshingly sweet and tender. Coco the Parrot harvests its coconuts at their Magic Moment, which ensures a consistently high water content. The fruit is picked at the perfect ripeness when its abundance of nutritional values are all locked in, making it your health food of choice!

Coco the Parrot is imported into Hong Kong by TasteMart International Company Limited. With over 10 years of wholesale and operations experience, TasteMart is determined to bring the well-kept secret of top-class Nam Hom coconuts into the public eye so more people can experience this refreshing new dimension. 

Brand Mission:

Green coconuts are naturally sweet, hydrating, healthy and low-calorie. We provide a stable source of fresh, top-quality coconuts to Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Asian countries. We are driven to provide our coconut-loving customers with an “even better” option. We are promoters of living green, which is inspired by the coconut itself. We hope more people can experience the lifestyle concept of “Back to Basics is our Best Bet”.

What makes a coconut top-class?

Both green or young coconuts must undergo a rigorous selection process, and strict quality control in order to be selected as a top-class Coco the Parrot coconut. Our coconuts must fulfil these five characteristics:

Service Commitment

Our sole distributor, TasteMart International Company Limited strives to be one of the best suppliers of fresh fruit in Hong Kong. In order to satisfy the demands of our clients in various sectors including hotels, clubhouses, restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores and food factories, we put customers at the forefront of what we offer, and uphold our four service commitments:

Thanks to our long-term collaboration with quality Thai coconut farms, we can ensure consistently high quality produce, all year round.

Strict quality control from harvest, selection, processing, sorting, chilled storage, transportation to after-sales, each step follows an orderly, detailed protocol.
To satisfy the unique needs of customers, we provide professional advice to recommend the most suitable coconut products, helping our customers increase their cost effectiveness.
Apart from our own chilled warehouse, we have been growing our in-house fleet which is managed by a dedicated team of experienced drivers and logistics personnel, who are tasked to deliver fresh coconuts at optimum conditions.